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University of Toronto
University of Toronto Mississauga
University of Toronto Scarborough
McGill University
McMaster University
Queen’s University
University of British Columbia
Western University
York University
University of Waterloo

University of Toronto

Shawn Veitch – President
Huijuan Yang – Vice President
Chidera Chukwueke – Director of Business Development
Ravitej Rekhi – Director of Campus Relations
Michelle Ly – Director of Events Management
Cameron Rzadki – Director of Events Management
Meng Zhang – Director of Professional Relations
Cricia Rinchon – Director of Professional Relations
Moien Alizadehgiashi – Director of Member Relations
Jane Wu – Director of Finance
Lulu Yang – Director of Education
Windy Weng – Director of Brand Management
Ritika – Director of Information Technology

Juejing Ling – President
Navid Shobeiri – Vice-President
Hassaan Abdel Khalik – Director of Brand Management
Nicola Sahar – Director of Business Development / GMCA Canada Liaison
Labeeba Nusrat – Director of Communications
Petra Lucker – Director of Education
Wenyangzi Shi – Director of Event Management
Charles Yoon – Director of Information Technology
Wenjun Xu – Director of Member Relations
Adil Qadari – Director of Professional Relations
Matthew Frehlich – Director of Professional Relations
Qianzhu Wu – Director of Professional Relations / Finance
Anthony Apostoli – Outgoing President
Andrea Vargas – Outgoing Director of Event Management
Anthony Wong – Outgoing Co-Director of Professional Relations

Darrin Gao – President
Hesong Sun – Vice-President
Elnaz Shokrollahi – Director of Professional Relations
Julean Albidone – Director of Professional Relations
Tina Safaei – Director of Member Relations
Juejing Ling – Director of Communications
Shiny Zhang – Director of Education
Kevin Luk – Director of Case Development
Andrea Vargas-Sanchez – Director of Finance
Tony Zhang – Director of Event Management
Anthony Apostoli – Director of Business Development

Kris Hon – President
Elisa Porfilio – Vice-President
Hesong Sun – Director of Professional Relations
Fiona Coutinho – Director of Professional Relations
Elnaz Shokrollahi – Director of Member Relations
Natalia Mykhaylova – Director of Communications
Agop Koulakezian – Director of Education
Alan Lu – Director of Case Development
Darrin Gao – Director of Finance
Richard Heungki Lee – Director of Event Management
Alice Lin – Director of Business Development

Jason Ng – President
Laurent Caudrelier – Vice-President
Sili Liu – Director of Member Relations
Elisa Porfilio – Director of Communications
Kris Hon – Director of Professional Relations
Xavier Cheng – Director of Case Development
Hussain Masoom – Director of Education
Sina Eetezadi – Director of Finance
Sasha Lisovsky – Director of Alumni Relations
Hesong Sun – UTSC Liaison
Kaya Ellis – MMI President
Josh Dunn – MMI Vice President & Financial Officer
Oleh Marianchuck – MMI Liaison
Umar Shaikh – MMI Director of Professional Relations
Monica Nivins – MMI Director of GMCA-UTM Events
Lauren Reid – MMI Director of Communications

Samuel Oduneye – President
Jennifer Wolter – Vice-President
Preethy Prasad – Director of Member Relations
Stephanie MacAllister – Director of Communications
Lydia He – Director of Professional Relations
Jason Ng – Director of Professional Relations
Peter Tang – Director of Case Development
Michelle Lenarduzzi – Director of Education
Mary-Rose Bufalino – Director of Finance
Candice Fang – MMI Liaison
Cristina Gallego – IT Consultant

Andre Dias – President
Sonali Fonseca – Vice President & Director of Education
Catherine Chan – Director of Communications & Members Relations
Cristina Gallego – Director of Communications & Members Relations
Fady El-Mohandes – Director of Professional Relations
Samuel Oduneye – Director of Professional Relations
Jake Gregory – Director of Case Development
Jennifer Wolter – Director of Case Development
Emerson Lai – Director of MMI-Relations

Dave Piccin – President
Evelyn Pau – Vice President
Andre Dias – Director of Finance
Jianfu Wang – Director of Administration
Jess Singh – Director of Communications
Ling Ling & Sonali Fonseca – Director of Professional Relations
Fernando Amador – Director of Case Development
Noel Wu – Director of Education

Lucy Shin – President
Wendy Dobson-Belaire – Vice President
Jyoti Bhardwaj – Director of Finance
Kevin Ming – Director of Administration
Dave Piccin – Director of Communications
Cory Mulvihill – Director of Professional Relations
John Holyoake – Director of Professional Relations
Evelyn Pau – Director of Case Development
Sanaz Sigaroudi – Director of Education
David Kideckel – Vice-President

University of Toronto Mississauga

Darya Zotova – President
Pragya Vaid – Vice President
Mihaela Gaqollari – Director of Professional Relations
Parm Thind – Director of Event Management
Canis Lobo – Director of Member Relations

Adil Qadari – President
Hassaan Abdel Khalik – Director of Communications / Professional Relations
Juli Kim – Director of Marketing
Michael Erb – Director of Event Management / Professional Relations
Robert Colaguori – Director of Finance

University of Toronto Scarborough

Cindy Yang – Co-Chair
Paris Ning – Co-Chair
Sarah Simon – Director of Education
Monica Bastawrous – Director of Operations
Shouyo Ling – Co-Director of Marketing
Tyler Roberts – Co-Director of Marketing
Sonya Dhillon – Director of Professional Relations

McGill University

Vinicius Bueno – President
Mostafa Ghozlan – Vice President
Kamila Mustafina – Director of Finance
Stephanie Yee – Director of External Relations
Renee Yin Yu – Director of Communications and Marketing
David Anekwe – Director of Education
Stella Xing – Director of Education
Alicia Wu – Director of Case Development
Eric Lee – Undergrad Liaison
Gayaatri Bhardwaj – Undergrad Liaison

Igor Kozlov – President
Natasha Saviuk – Vice-President
Agneev Mukherjee – Director of Case Development
Mayukh Choudhury – Director of Communications / Member Relations
Atefeh Ramezankhani – Director of External Relations
Guillaume Forstmann – Director of Finance
Pratik Kadekar – Director of Operations
Kunal Tuli – MBA Liaison

Jinke Xu – Co-President
Christian Gualtieri – Co-President
Alexandre Morizot – Vice President
Rachna Duseja – Director of Member Relations
Michael Forster – Director of Finance
Camille Delouche – Director of Communication and Marketing
Igor Kozlov – Director of Education
Micheal O’Sullivan – Director of Professional Relations
Julien Desjardins – MBA Liaison

Johanna Mancini – President
Eni Nano – Vice-President
Michel Savard – Director of Education
Jinke Xu – Director of Member Relations
Gabriela Susana Torres-Platas – Director of Professional Relations
Chafik Hamad – Desautels MBA Liaison

Gordana Maric – President
Johanna Mancini – Vice-President
Rana El Bikai – Vice-President
Eni Nano – Director of Member Relations
Jennifer Crutchley – Director of Finance
Michael Klein – Director of Education
Doreen Miao – Director of Professional Relations
Fanny Dupuy – Director of Professional Relations
Alex Lin – Director of Professional Relations
Michel Savard – Director of Communications
Bharat Srinivasa – Director of Communications
Luan Pan – Director of Case Development
Marie Mutabaruka – Director of Marketing
Nathalie Magnus – Founding member
Vasanth Ramamurthy – Founding member

McMaster University

Ksenia Bezverbnaya – President
Jacob MacKinnon – President
Pedrum Mohammadi-Shemirani – VP External
Rodrigo Narro Perez – VP Internal
Chitman Josan – Director of Information Technology
Roscelle Kumarakulasingam – Director of Information Technology
Jake Irwin – Director of Finance

Arjun Sehgal – Co-President
Harpreet Matharoo – Co-President
Darren Sandejas – Vice President
Anastasiya Zhuk – Director of Communications
Naresh Balachandran – Director of Education
Pankaj Saini – Director of Finance
Vincent Azhikannical – Director of Business Development
Ali Vaezi – Director of Industry Relations
Xiaoyue Wang – Director of Membership Communication
Muralidharan Kumar – Director of Event Management

Omid Dadoo – Co-Founder
Mark Fuller – Co-Founder
D’Andra Parker – Director of Member Relations & Co-Director of Finance
Janice Kim – Director of Finance
Jason Boulet – Director of Communications
Sepandar Sepehr – Director of Education
Erica Tatham – Co-Director of Finances
Emma Sherwood- Director of Academic Relations

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Queen’s University

Matthew Kan – Co-President
Hannah Dies – Co-President
Jevon Marsh – Director of Finance
Ikenna Ezenwajiaku – Co-Director of Event
Larkin Davenport Huyer – Co-Director of Event
Erika Johannessen – Co-Director of Marketing
Rohini Pasricha – Co-Director of Marketing
Sachin Pasricha – Executive Advisor

Sachin Pasricha – Co-Founder and Co-President
Hannah Dies – Co-Founder and Co-President
Erika Johannessen – Director of Marketing
Matthew Kan – Director of Marketing
Kan Fenwick – Director of Finance
Frank Chou – Director of Finance
Ikenna Ezenwajiaku – Director of Events

Elizabeth Lightbody – President
Irena Peytchev – Director of Professional Relations
Matthew Lougheed – Director of Communications
Kathleen Watt – Director of Education
Daniel Newsted – Director of Finance

University of British Columbia

Carolina Novoa – President
Maria Acevedo – Vice-President and Director of Member Relations
Gabriel Fung – Vice-President and Director of Professional Relations
Ray Socha – Director of Business Development
Vanessa Porter – Director of Communications
Raika Pancaroglu – Co-Director of Education
Katherina Rothe – Co-Director of Education
Michael Yuen – Co-Director of Finance

Western University

Matthew Veras – Co-President, Director of Finance
Geoffrey Kerr – Co-President, Director of Finance
Mike Lavdas – Director of Member Relations
Aisha Freeman – Director of Communications

2016- 2017
Safee Mian – President
Andrea Di Sebastiano – Director of Communications
Samantha Medwid – Director of Events
Brandon Banaschewski – Director of Finance
James Hutchenreuther – Director of Professional / Member Relations

Katherine Lee – President
Carmen Leung – Vice-President
Safee Mian – Director of Finance
James Hutchenreuther – Director of Professional/Member Relations
Samantha Medwid – Director of Events
Andrea Di Sebastiano – Director of Communications
Brandon Banaschewski – Director of Education

York University

Ruth Knox – President
Jyotsna Vinayak – Vice President
Gifty Asare – Director of Event Management
Abd-Erraouf Djirar – Director of Finance
Michael Chimenti  – Director of Information Technology
Anthi Kostopoulou – Director of Membership Relations

Paul O’Brien – President
Jeevaka Kiriella – Director of Communications
Nareh Edjiu – Director of Finance
Ninoschka D’Souza – Director of Membership

David Cappadocia – President
Jennifer Farmer – Vice-President
Mehdi Daemi – Director of Professional Relations
Zoe Davis – Director of Case Development
Saviz Ehyai – Director of Finance
Paul O’Brien – Director of Member Relations
Lucas McCann – Director of Communications
Matt Stafford – Director of Education
Hossein Davarinejad – Director of Event Management

University of Waterloo

Xiangming Samuel Li – President
Rukhsana Merkand – Vice President
Deep Shah – Director of Event Management
Jayraj Parmar – Director of Finance
Andrea Marrocco – Director of Professional Relations

2017 – 2018
Tanmay Soni – President
Rabiah Rasheed – Vice-President
Khaled Abu-Eseifan – Director of Professional Relations
Rafael Rocha – Director of Finance
Aishvarya Bakshi – Director of Event Management