McGill Exec 2015-2016

The McGill Graduate Management Consulting Association (McGill GMCA) was recently created to prepare exceptional McGill graduate students and post-graduate trainees to enter and excel in the competitive world of management consulting. We aim to provide our members with a wealth of business development resources and networking opportunities, and in turn, to expose Canadian consulting firms to McGill’s top talent. Our active member base is drawn from all departments of McGill University and possesses a depth of expertise in a variety of industries including healthcare, engineering, law, business and many others.


McGill Exec: 2015-2016

Jinke Xu – Co-President

Jinke is a materials scientist with diverse research experiences across pharmaceutic, manufacturing and basic materials industries. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Materials Engineering at McGill University. He recently completed his PhD research about novel polymeric drug delivery systems to treat oral and gastrointestinal diseases. Prior to his PhD, Jinke received his Master’s degree in Biosystems Engineering from University of Manitoba and Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology (China). As the Co-President, Jinke strives to maintain the high-level professionalism of GMCA events, and expand the impact of GMCA networks. In his spare time, Jinke is a fan of travelling, music, Chinese calligraphy and Aikido.

Christian Gualtieri – Co-President

Christian is in his 2nd year of his master’s in biochemistry. His research entails using a forward genetics mouse model approach to understanding the mechanisms of host resistance to infectious diseases, specifically blood-stage and cerebral malaria. Christian became interested in business when he took several business workshops and classes. One of the classes was a MBA entrepreneurship course in which his team of 5 designed a business plan for a small electrical engineering firm looking to launch their novel battery technology into a niche market. He is ambitiously pursuing transitioning into a business career and feels that possessing a versatile skill set, and an open mind to new possibilities is critical in today’s increasingly complex and globalized economy. As Co-President of the McGill GMCA he will help lead an energetic and ambitious executive team in planning professional networking and educational events. In his spare time he enjoys playing his violin and guitar, reading, playing sports, and learning computer programming.

Alexandre Morizot – Vice-President

Alexandre is a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University. After graduating from his Ph.D. in France working on cancer cell death induction, he joined McGill University to investigate innate immune signalling in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). His research led him to develop projects with industrial partners. In parallel, his desire for challenges and possessing a natural business acumen led him to join McGill GMCA chapter. As Vice-president, Alexandre aims at coordinating the effort of the executive team and to initiate new challenges for 2015-2016.

Michael O’Sullivan – Director of Professional Relations

Michael is a PhD candidate in the department of Physiology at McGill University. He spends his time in the lab studying the progression of lung diseases such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. He is interested in a variety of topics outside of academia, including strategic consulting. He is working to increase the involvement of consulting firms in GMCA events at McGill and he wishes to improve the availability of employment resources to graduate students from a range of disciplines. When not at school, Michael enjoys cycling, golfing and playing hockey.

Camille Delouche – Director of Communications and Marketing

Camille is in her 2nd and last year of a M.Sc. degree in Biology where her research focuses on chromosome segregation during meiosis, a process which can go awry, leading to Down syndrome for example. She took a Basics of Business class at McGill which opened her eyes to the numerous opportunities available in the sphere of business and decided to get involved with McGill GMCA. She is responsible for the outreach to the graduate population at McGill, which includes the creation of various social media accounts and their constant updating. Some of her interest include spending time outdoors, neuroscience, reading fiction and travelling.

Igor Kozlov – Director of Education

Igor has always been excited by synergies arising at the frontiers of various intellectual activities. He is in the final stage of his PhD program. His research focus was “micro-universes” created at the Large Hadron Collider. It is the largest experimental setup in the human history, which explores mysteries at the juncture of many scientific fields. Meanwhile, fascinated by the high pace of technological breakthroughs, Igor co-founded and led the RTech Project – a students’ initiative that brings together scientists and professional software developers. This allows scientists to boost their research progress by leveraging the latest developments in the computer industry. Igor recently discovered that a researcher’s skill set can be of use when tackling economic challenges, and was thrilled about business case problem solving. He joined the GMCA to encourage scientists to apply their honed intellectual skills to the new socio-economic frontiers. During his free time, Igor hits the gym, goes dancing, volunteers organizing social events, and attends business, technology or human behavior workshops.

Rachna Duseja – Director of Member Relations

Rachna is the final year PhD Candidate in the Department of Neuroscience and her work focuses on understanding the role of cytokines in the neurodegenerative diseases. Prior to this, she has worked as a Research Assistant in India. Apart from doing research, she loves teaching young students. She is also engaged in the Career Leadership Program at McGill University, advising undergraduates on their career options. In GMCA, Rachna is in charge of managing member database and communications. She is also actively involved in organizing various professional development events with other McGill GMCA executives.  In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, music, philosophical discussions and learning about diverse cultures.

Michael Forster – Director of Finance

Michael is currently a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University where he studies on immune cell development and genetic aberrancies that lead to childhood leukemia. He got interested in management consulting through his participation at the McGill and Toronto GMCA case competition and subsequently joined the local GMCA chapter, where he is responsible for financial management. He aims to support the executive committee with his fundraising acumen to be able to organize numerous GMCA events throughout the academic year, thereby providing graduate students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary aptitudes for a successful career as a consultant. In his spare time he loves practicing martial arts, explores the world travelling and surfs wherever there is waves.

Julien Desjardins – Desautels MBA Liaison

Julien has a passion for engineering and business. After 5 years working as a civil engineering consultant in private land development, he is pursuing his MBA at McGill University. He firmly believes that the real hidden value of an MBA comes from what he’s doing outside the classroom. His many extracurricular activities include being co-founder and Engagement Manager at Thinkr, a pro bono consulting firm aiming to give back to the community, being an executive in the McGill MBA Management Consulting Club, and many others. Upon graduation, he has the intention to increase his international exposure and experience by working in Asia in a management consulting position. His interests include nutrition and fitness, fashion, sailboat racing, golf and squash.