Queens Exec 2015-2016


Queens Exec: 2015-2016


QGMCA-Liz-PresidentPresident – Elizabeth Lightbody

Elizabeth is a PhD candidate in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. Her research focuses on evaluating the potential of re-purposing a diabetes drug to halt the metastatic spread of aggressive breast and colorectal cancer. Elizabeth has been heavily involved in a variety of different extracurricular groups that provide health education platforms locally and internationally, and has managed groups focused on philanthropic event management. Elizabeth is very excited to be starting a GMCA chapter at Queen’s University this year. Elizabeth aims to provide resources for graduate students to explore the consulting spectrum. She plans on organizing training and networking events on campus that will give students an opportunity to expand and further develop skills essential in the consulting field, and constructive skills that translate across diverse business and science fields.  In her spare time, Elizabeth plays on the Queen’s ringette team, is interested in marine biology research, and enjoys travelling and trying new restaurants.


QGMCA-Irena-Director of Professional RelationsDirector of Professional Relations – Irena Peytchev

Irena is in her final year of her M.Sc at Queen’s where she studies the biosynthetic mechanisms of quantum dot production using microorganisms. She became interested in business when she saw the opportunity and potential for her biosynthetic research to be scaled-up and commercialized as an alternative environmentally sound method of production. She has spearheaded multiple extracurricular activities involving business and management on campus and in her spare time she is involved in the graduate student council. Irena will organize networking events and maintain professional relations between leaders in the top consulting-firms in an attempt to bridge the gap between academia and industry. In her free time, Irena enjoys playing soccer and has a cat named Wallace that she adores.


QGMCA-Matt-Director of CommuncationsDirector of Communications – Matthew Lougheed

Matt is in his second year of his M.Sc in biomedical computing in the Perk Lab at Queen’s University. His research is based around bone segmentation in ultrasound imaging. Currently he is working on developing improved metrics for evaluating the performance of automatic bone segmentation algorithms. His interest in consulting was sparked by a recent endeavour involving the development of a student housing application. Matt’s past experience with web development as an intern at IBM made him interested in becoming the communications director for GMCA where he is excited to effectively communicate with industry professionals and coordinate consulting events. In his spare time he enjoys working on programming projects as well as playing soccer.


QGMCA-Kathleen-Director of EducationDirector of Education – Kathleen Watt

Kathleen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences. Her research is focused on identifying novel therapeutic targets in lung cancer and melanoma to allow the development of targeted treatments aimed at preventing metastatic spread of the disease. She holds a BSc in Biochemistry from Queen’s University and recently entered into the PhD program through a fast-track Master’s. After being exposed to scientific consulting at several conferences, she became interested in learning more about the sector and looks forward to her role in the GMCA Queen’s chapter as Director of Education. When she’s not in the lab, Kathleen enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, and softball, and is a lover of dogs and music.


QGMCA-Dan-Director of FinanceDirector of Finance – Daniel Newsted

Daniel is an MD/PhD (1st year) candidate in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences. His research focuses on molecular mechanisms governing the metastatic spread of cancer cells and the role of host immunity in tumour progression.  He holds a BSc in biochemistry from McMaster University where he conducted research abroad as a member of the cooperative education program. Having experience in both academia and industry fuels his desire to specialize in knowledge translation. He is keen to contribute to the GMCA charter at Queen’s as the Director of Finance. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys film, gaming, reading and the frequent intake of Iced Caps.