UBC Exec 2016-2017



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UBC Exec: 2016-2017

carolina1 Carolina Novoa – President

Carolina is a PhD student in the Genome Science and Technology Program. She is interested in understanding the mechanisms of regulation of three stranded DNA:RNA hybrid structures known as R-loops. In particular, why they accumulate, and how R-loops can lead to genome instability, a hallmark of cancer. As president, Carolina aims to build a collaborative community of individuals willing to create learning, networking and “real-life” consulting opportunities for each other. She also hopes the events GMCA organizes on its foundation year, will make the organization the “go to place” for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows interested in management consulting or seeking basic business training. Carolina enjoys Skiing, hiking, travelling, and speaking Italian.

maria1 Maria Acevedo – Vice-President and Director of Member Relations

Maria is a PhD candidate in the Department of Zoology. Her research focused on the intracellular traffic of the Influenza A virus to the cell nucleus. She has found a remarkable connection between changes in a nuclear gate proteins and its effect on the internal transport of cellular proteins and cell shape. Maria first learned about the GMCA when looking for consulting resources in Canada, she ventured to Toronto on her own and attended the 2015 GMCA conference. Recognizing there was an opportunity to bring GMCA to the west coast, less than one year later she came together with Carolina Novoa and set up the UBC chapter. As a vice-president and director of members relations Maria wants to raise awareness of management consulting as a post-graduate career and create a community of like-minded students interested in further developing their business acumen and problem solving skills. Maria is chatty and speaks Spanish and loves French. Her free time is spent in the mountains skiing or mentoring high school students.

gabriel1 Gabriel Fung – Vice president and Director of Professional Relations
Gabriel is a PhD candidate in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. His research interest is in understanding the pathological progression of virus-induced heart failure, with a focus on host-pathogen interactions and the cellular stress response. As vice-president, Gabriel aims to better educate and train highly qualified scientists on the west-coast about management consulting. Furthermore, he strives to build long term industry partners for future individuals passionate about management consulting at UBC. Gabriel spends his free time learning new extreme sports, visiting local breweries, and reading about the latest disruption in technology innovations.
vanessa1 Vanessa Porter – Director of Communications

Vanessa is a MSc candidate in the Department of Medical Genetics. Her thesis involves investigating the mechanisms and therapeutic targets within the pro-survival pathway autophagy in drug-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia. As the Director of Communications, she hopes to help the Consulting Group learn the ins and outs of strategic business so they can practice their skills in fun and effective ways. In her leisure time, Vanessa enjoys biking around Vancouver, hiking up mountains, and enjoying local eateries.

raika1 Raika Pancaroglu – Co-Director of Education

Raika received her PhD in Neuroscience from The University of British Columbia. Her research interests are how the visual system perceives the world and how ion channels in neurons make this possible at the molecular level. As the Director of Education, her goal is to provide graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with resources and training opportunities in post-academia career paths focusing on consulting, industry, and business. Raika enjoys kickboxing and folk dancing, and loves learning new languages.

katharina1 Katherina Rothe – Co-Director of Education

Katharina is a recent UBC graduate and now a post-doctoral fellow at the Terry Fox Lab investigating how stem cells in chronic myeloid leukemia interact with their surrounding microenvironment. As one of the Directors of Education, Katharina’s goals are to enrich everyone’s learning environment and skills set by organizing various workshops and clinics pertaining to consulting routines, business understanding and creative, critical problem solving. Besides teaching, Katharina enjoys hiking, biking or mountain climbing in beautiful BC.

mike2 Michael Yuen – Co-Director of Finance

Michael is a Master student in the department of Medical Genetics. For his thesis project he seeks to study novel single cell sequencing for high resolution translocation mapping. He spends his time using single cell sequencing to map and characterize translocations to improve fusion probe design. He joined the GMCA with the goal to establish a robust protocol for the UBC chapter so that any monetary transactions will be hassle-free and easily traceable. As co-finance director, he will be working with Annie Tam to source for funding for the various events that the GMCA will be organizing. His hobbies are snowboarding, camping, reading and listening to music.

Ray Socha – Director of Business Development