UofT Exec 2016-2017

The Graduate Management Consulting Association (GMCA) is a student society representing the graduate students at the University of Toronto who are pursuing a future career in management consulting. The GMCA exists to provide University of Toronto graduate and post-graduate trainees (both on and off-site) with the opportunity to engage in management consulting-related events. The GMCA aims to offer its membership information, networking opportunities and practical experience in management consulting through various activities.

Our meetings are open to all GMCA members, as well as non-GMCA observers. If you have any questions about the meetings, please feel free to contact us at info@gmcacanada.com.

UofT Exec: 2016-2017

Juejing Ling Navid Shobeiri Nicola Sahar
Juejing Ling
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Navid Shobeiri
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Director of Brand Management
Hassaan Abdel Khalik
Institute for Management and Innovation
Director of Business Development / GMCA Canada Liaison
Nicola Sahar
Director of Communications
Labeeba Nusrat
Rehabilitation Sciences
Petra Lucker Wenyangzi Shi M. Adil Qadari
Director of Education
Petra Lucker
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
Director of Event Management
Wenyangzi Shi
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Director of Information Technology
Charles Yoon
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
Director of Member Relations
Wenjun Xu
Insitute of Medical Sciences
Director of Professional Relations
Adil Qadari
Institute for Management and Innovation
Matthew Frehlich Qianzhu Wu
Director of Professional Relations
Matthew Frehlich
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Professional Relations / Finance
Qianzhu Wu
Molecular Genetics


UofT Outgoing Exec: 2016-2017

Anthony Apostoli Andrea Vargas Anthony Wong
Anthony Apostoli
Medical Biophysics
Director of Event Management
Andrea Vargas
Co-Director of Professional Relations
Anthony Wong
Institute for Management and Innovation