York Exec 2015-2016

The York Graduate Management Consulting Association (York GMCA) was created to prepare exceptional York students to enter and excel in the competitive world of management consulting.


1President – David Cappadocia

David is a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Vision Research at York University, where he uses human brain imaging (fMRI) and stimulation (TMS) to investigate how visual information is processed by the brain to plan goal-directed eye and arm movements. As President and Founder of the York GMCA, David is responsible for building relationships with the GMCA Canada Executive, other GMCA chapters, and industry contacts. He is also responsible for establishing a strong presence for the GMCA at York by planning and promoting events, encouraging collaborations with other organizations, and recruiting members. David is also on York’s AAPR Administrative Task Force, a Student Senator on the Senate Executive Committee, Co-President of the Neuroscience Association at York, and a Bethune College Graduate Peer Mentor. In his spare time, David enjoys playing hockey and golfing, running, documentary films, and spending time with friends and family.


2Vice-President – Jennifer Farmer

Jennifer is a PhD candidate in the Chemistry Department working with N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-based Pd-PEPPSI (PEPPSI-Pyridine-Enhanced Pre-catalysts Preparation, Stabilization, and Initiation) pre-catalysts. Currently, her project involves evaluating these complexes in cross-coupling reactions to form carbon-carbon, carbon-nitrogen, and carbon-sulfur bonds. Outside of the lab, she is heavily involved in the York community as the Vice-President of Campaigns for the York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA), a graduate student representative for the Chemistry Tenure and Promotion Committee, and a Senior Teaching Assistant (STA) for the Teaching Commons. Jennifer is very interested in pursuing a career in consulting, which is one of the reasons she joined the GMCA. As Vice-President of the GMCA, she will work closely with the York GMCA executives to organize events, workshops, and case competitions to help prepare it’s members for a career in management consulting. She is also responsible for assisting the President in recruiting members, building relationships with industry, and liaising with GMCA Canada. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys going to the gym, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.


4Director of Professional Relations – Mehdi Daemi

Mehdi is a computational neuroscientist in Dr. J. D. Crawford’s visuomotor laboratory at the Center for Vision Research (CVR) at the York University. Having come from a mechanical engineering background, he possesses the mathematical and programming capabilities required for doing research in both computational systems neuroscience and business analysis. He is currently investigating the kinematic and neurophysiologic basis of gaze control. As the Co-Director of Professional Relations, Mehdi will build strong relationships with both management consulting and professional services industry contacts. Mehdi enjoys art, films, and is a foodie.



6_2Director of Case Development – Zoe Davis

Zoe Davis is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Earth and Space Science at York University. Her research in atmospheric chemistry focuses on measuring air pollution emitted by industrial activities and in urban environments. Zoe aims to improve knowledge of air quality in areas such as the Alberta Oil Sands. As Director of Case Development, she will develop cases for various GMCA events at York University. Zoe’s extracurricular interests include travel, mentoring, and racquet sports.




7Director of Finance – Saviz Ehyai

Saviz is a third year PhD candidate in the Department of Biology, currently investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in modulating aberrant vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation during atherosclerosis. He is responsible for ensuring the financial stability of the GMCA, and plays a leading role in sourcing sponsorship funds. Saviz has been serving as the VP Finance of the York University Graduate Students’ Association this past year, and has been recently re-elected to serve another year. As the VP Finance, he was able to create the first balanced budget in years without cutting any services, and he has devised a plan to ensure the continued financial success of the Association. In his spare time, Saviz enjoys playing recreation soccer and dodgeball, reading classical literature, and watching curling.


paul copyDirector of Member Relations – Paul O’Brien

Paul is a 3nd year PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry at York University currently developing a new platform technology, which couples novel biocompatible chemical functionalities with lipid based delivery systems.  He currently works toward validating this new technology through its application in the fields of tissue engineering, gene transfer and bio-imaging.  Within the York University community Paul is an executive member of the York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA) as Vice-President Equity and an active mentor to undergraduate students.  Paul has long term goals in bridging his scientific background with business and entrepreneurship to launch a start-up in the biotech industry, which is the one of the reasons Paul has joined the GMCA.  As Director of Member Relations Paul will work closely with the general membership of the GMCA to disseminate information and to be first contact between the executives and members, while promoting GMCA events and related seminars to the York Community.


Lucas copyDirector of Communications – Lucas McCann

Lucas is a recent PhD graduate from the Department of Chemistry at York University and current President of the York University Graduate Students’ Association.  He is a bilingual, highly motivated individual that is interested in both science and business.  As Director of Communications, Lucas manages the York GMCA website and is an active member of the executive committee.





MattMatt Stafford – Director of Education

Matt is a Master’s student from the Department of Kinesiology at York University.  His research topic is on the effect smart phone use during human locomotion has on both gait and posture.  He is a naturally curious person who never turns down an opportunity to learn something new. In his spare time, Matt enjoys rugby in the summer time and hockey all year round. As Director of Education, Matt is excited to coordinate the York GMCA Certificate in Business and Consulting.




HosseinHossein Davarinejad – Director of Event Management

Hossein is a M. Sc. Candidate in Molecular Biology. His research focuses on identifying enzyme that contribute to the repression of gene expression through ubiquitin pathway. Outside the lab, Hossein is the VP Internal for the York Graduate Students’ Association and a web designer.  As Director of Event Management, he organizes and facilitates our events.