CareerPie Survey for International Students


Below is an email sent to us from CareerPie. They are a non-profit organization aimed at supporting international professionals to help them realize and achieve their full potential in industry. They are new to the scene and wanted to conduct a short survey to help them better understand their target audience.

Dear Students,

We are a group of young international professionals working in consulting, IT and financial services, with core team members who are alumni of universities in Ontario. We are very passionate in helping newcomers and international students land their dream jobs in prestigious industries across Canada, US and Asia.

As a result, we have founded **CareerPie**, an organization whose mission is to help ambitious, international professionals like you break into prestigious industries and realize your human potential.

Before we launch out initiative, we would like to conduct a short survey to better understand your needs, wants and challenges in breaking into industry. It takes approximately 3-5 mins to complete the survey but your opinions are extremely valuable as they will inform us and influence how we can best help you succeed going forward.

Please kindly complete the survey at your convenience: (for students in North America)

or (for students in Asia)

If you wish to be in touch with any of us at CareerPie for a confidential discussion of your career, please send us an email or contact our University of Toronto alumnus, Patrick Lam ( for further details.

Thanks a lot!

CareerPie Executives


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