GMCA UofT: Executive Committee Election 2016-2017

voted2The GMCA is calling all advanced degree trainees and graduates to be part of the 2016-2017 GMCA Executive Committee. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to get involved for those who are considering a career in consulting. In fact, the vast majority of past GMCA executives have since transitioned into some of the top consulting firms.



Available executive committee positions for 2016-2017:

Director of Communications (1 position available)

Purpose: To manage and direct GMCA’s internal and external communication, principally as the face of the GMCA Executive Council with its membership


  • Responsibilities:
    • Work closely with the Director of Brand Management to create and manage promotions and advertisement campaigns for Upcoming Events
    • Email membership with information and promotions for Upcoming Events, as well as other news items and releases; also responsible for responding to membership email inquiries within 48 hours
    • Maintain membership database and manage event registration for all GMCA events
    • Manage and expand the graduate department contact list to reach potential members and deliver promotions
    • Manage all aspects of GMCA website and content
      • Update website information and calendar regarding Upcoming Events, Registration Information, and other promotions, news items, and releases
      • Update executive profiles and photos annually for all GMCA chapters


Director of Brand Management (1 position available)

Purpose: To build and promote GMCA brand awareness and values through marketing activities


  • Work closely with Director of Communications to ensure GMCA values are upheld
  • Create and adapt content and website advertisements for each specific social media platform (ie. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) in order to promote the GMCA and its Upcoming Events
    • Manage and post photos taken at GMCA events on social media
  • Monitor, listen and respond to GMCA members and followers in a positive and professional manner on all social media and forum outlets
  • Develop and expand new community and outreach efforts


Director of Finance (1 position available)

Purpose: To oversee all financial activities to ensure financial stability of the GMCA


  • Produce an annual budget at the start of the fiscal year
  • Manage the GMCA bank account
  • Maintain and update an accounting ledger of all receipts and dates of all financial interactions, including debits, credits, cheques, and remaining bank balance
  • Write funding applications and source new funding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Produce monthly financial reports to the Executive Council, including statements of accounts versus budget and cash flow positions


Director of Business Development / GMCA Canada Liaison (1 position available)

Purpose: To oversee growth and expansion of the GMCA by locating, developing and negotiating relationships and partnerships in line with GMCA values


  • Identify and pursue opportunities to create and maintain partnerships between the GMCA and management consulting firms, organizations and other groups on campus
  • Provide support and oversight for all GMCA Canada chapters with regard to the establishment of new chapters, needs related to event planning, and other projects
  • Attend industry and campus functions, such as management consultancy events, and provide the Executive Council with feedback and information on trends and outcomes
  • May be called upon to assist with funding application processes


Director of Education (1 position available)

Purpose: To oversee all aspects related to GMCA training and educational programs


  • Work with the President and Vice Present to design and develop new educational curriculum, networking event themes, and resources that are solely available to GMCA members
  • Manage the internal resource library of the GMCA
  • Together with the Director of Professional Relations, organize all information and training workshops, as well as GMCA member interaction events including networking events
  • Select and develop business case activities for GMCA events that are acceptable to the industry
  • Direct selection of members to events including resume screening and interviewing; also ensure that selected members have opportunities and resources available to achieve success in GMCA programs


Director of Professional Relations (2 positions available)

Purpose: To act as liaison between the GMCA and management consultancies


  • Manage and expand relationships between GMCA and management consultancies to promote the GMCA
  • Maintain the GMCA database of consultancy contacts
  • Develop and update the annual consultancy sponsorship package
  • Secure annual consultancy sponsorship as outlined in the annual budget
  • Together with the Director of Education, organize all workshops, information sessions and training events involving consultancy contacts


Director of Event Management (1 position available)

Purpose: To oversee the smooth operation of all GMCA events and Executive Council meetings


  • Distribute reminder notices of Executive Council meetings at least 48 hours prior to the meeting
  • Record minutes of the Executive Council meetings, including attendance and items discussed, to be distributed to the Council following said meeting
  • Facilitate room and AV bookings for all GMCA events, including Executive Council meetings
  • Coordinate necessary materials for all GMCA events, including printing materials, name badges and brochures
  • Encourage GMCA members to provide feedback and discussion about consultancy recruitment, internship or contact experiences


To apply, please submit the following to by 11:59pm on Wednesday, June 8th in one PDF document:

1) Position(s) you would like to apply for (Max 3)
2) Reason why you’re a good fit for the position (Max 50 words)
3) Initiative you would champion if elected (Max 50 words)
4) Your 1-page resume (as a separate PDF attachment)

Election Date: Thursday, June 9th
Time: 6pm
Venue: MSB 4279

Each candidate will give a maximum 90 seconds speech on why you want to run for the position and initiatives you would champion if elected. All GMCA members are welcomed to join us and vote for the candidates.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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