GMCA UofT: Practice Case Interview Series 2016



Interested in learning about the case interview process? Looking for partners to practise cases with? Then the PCIS is for you. Beginner? No problem! Interviews around the corner? Congratulations! The PCIS has something for everyone, whether you are just starting out or need a last minute push before this year’s recruiting season. Come out and learn about each firm’s case interview process from a variety of knowledgeable consultants and get your interview prep on track. This series runs from June 16th to June 28th (inclusive).


Practice Case Interview Series (PCIS) is a comprehensive course that offers lectures on every aspect of the consulting interview process including case and behavioural interviews. Consultants from major firms and successful candidates who have recently gone through the interview process will be present to give lectures and answer questions about their specific firms. There will be a 45-60 minute lecture with an interactive sample case and a Q & A period with the presenter. A casebook will be given out to the registered members to allow them to practice cases with other attendees after the lectures.

To Register:
Please confirm your attendance by registering on Eventbrite (choose either advanced ticket or pay at the door) before Wednesday June 15th, 11:59pm. 

This event will cost $25 for the 6 sessions and should be paid upon the first lecture that you attend. You can pay online in advance for $20+1.80 fee or pay at door for $25 cash. Ticket sales at the door is first come first served.

Lecture Schedule:
1. June 16, 2016  6-8pm  MSB 3154     Introduction to PCIS: How to land an interview (Resume/Cover Letter Clinic)
2. June 20, 2016  6-8pm  MSB 3154     Introduction to cases: How to navigate the consulting interview process
3. June 21, 2016  6-8pm  MSB 3154     Profitability
4. June 23, 2016  6-8pm  MSB 3154     Market sizing and market entry
5. June 27, 2016  6-8pm  MSB 3154     Growth strategy
6. June 28, 2016  6-8pm  MSB 2172    Industry features

Medical Science Building, Room 3154 / Room 2172 (June 28th)

Dress code:
Business Casual

If you have any questions about this series, please contact us at

We are looking forward to seeing you!



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