QuintilesIMS Frontiers in Healthcare Consulting Summer Engagement

Dear GMCA members,

We are proud to announce the QuintilesIMS Frontiers in Healthcare Consulting, a GMCA summer engagement in collaboration with QuintilesIMS. This consulting engagement will provide participants with valuable consulting experience and exposure to collaborative projects involving due diligence, data mining and research studies, while working with pharmaceutical market data and consulting leader QuintilesIMS. Upon successful completion of the engagement, as defined by QuintilesIMS, interested team members will be invited to the QuintilesIMS first round employment interview for present or subsequent analyst/consultant openings, provided they were not already screened at an earlier time.

We are seeking highly talented, knowledgeable and motivated graduate students and post-doc fellows with strong credentials in research, academic writing and knowledge translation. Interested candidates must apply as a team of 4-5 members through submission of individual resumes and a single team cover letter on why your team would be the ideal team to participate in this engagement (resumes and cover letter 1 page maximum). At least two members of a team need to have in-depth analytical experience and knowledge of statistical methods, with particular emphasis on Excel, however knowledge of other platforms would be considered an advantage.

Please submit your team application as 1 PDF document through the GMCA website application page before Wednesday, March 8, 11:59 pm.

Interview Process:
First round: March 15, 6-9pm, on U of T campus
Second round invitation: Release via email on March 17
Second round: March 24, at QuintilesIMS office

Internship Key Details:
Duration: April-August, 2017
Time commitment: 10-15 hours per week
Team size: 4-5 members

Required skills:

  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Capacity to learn independently
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Time management skills
  • Knowledge of current events in healthcare consulting
  • Understanding of the Canadian healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
  • Strong proficiency in analyzing Excel, data visualization, PowerPoint

“The QuintilesIMS summer consulting engagement (2015) is an excellent way to gain first-hand experience in Healthcare Consulting. We had direct exposure to senior consulting staff and worked closely with members of a multi-functional team. Given the opportunity to work with a unique set of proprietary data, we investigated and answered pertinent questions in a hot area of health care today. This was a challenging and invaluable consulting experience that also led to two successful conference publications, and happily my current position as Consultant at QuintilesIMS.”

— Sheri Shojaie


Graduate Management Consulting Association (GMCA)
University of Toronto

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