UofT Management Consulting Info Night 2014

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Ian, Laurent, Leonardo, David and Amir shared their path to consulting in this interactive panel discussion event.

Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor has been a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group since September 2013, working on a variety of different projects in several different industries. Prior to that, he co-founded a molecular diagnostics company while getting his PhD in Molecular Genetics here at U of T, after completing a Bachelor of Science at UBC.

Laurent Caudrelier
Laurent is a candidate for a Masters of Applied Science at U of T, working on finding optimal breast cancer screening policies. In the summer of 2013, Laurent did an internship at Bain & Company where he will be returning full-time after his degree. Prior to his graduate work, Laurent also worked at Pratt and Whitney (an aircraft engine manufacturer) working on improving their business processes, as well as at Bombardier Aerospace after completing a Bachelor of Engineering at McGill.

Leonardo Bonifacio
Leo has been an Analyst at SHI Consulting since March 2014, performing primary and secondary research and analytics supporting industry, academic, and non-profit clients. (He is also co-founder and partner of Canadian Education for Brazilians Consulting, accountable for developing business strategies and marketing plans, assisting students and professionals to gain skills and international experience in Canada.) Prior to that, Leo completed a PhD in Materials Sciences at U of T, as well as a Masters in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sao Paolo.

David Wright
David has been with ZS associates since January 2012, starting as a Business Associate and is now an Associate Consultant. (His projects are centred on work in the pharmaceutical industry with focus on marketing strategy, sales forecasting, and commercial organization design.) Prior to working at ZS Associates, David completed a Masters of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering at U of T and before that, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s.

Amir Naseri
Amir has been with KPMG since June 2013, starting as a Senior Consultant. Prior to working at KPMG, he was pursuing his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at UofT and worked as a Consultant at Strategic Policy Economics. He has also completed his Undergrad and Masters in Engineering at UofT.

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