Frequently Asked Questions

Networking Events

Our disclosure is that this is not an event with formal booths; thus, some consultants will be participating in a personal capacity and would prefer to not have their contact information advertised prior to the first contact at the event. On the night of, we encourage you to ask for business cards or contact information of representatives that you do meet!

You are not required to bring your resume as the representatives are already provided with student resumes. As for what you should wear, business casual attire is recommended. When you meet those representatives, you could ask about the company, their day-to-day activities, what they like vs. dislike about their job, how to progress in the company, what got them interested in consulting, etc and see how the conversation flows from there. It’ll be semi-formal and you can ask them for their business cards/LinkedIn contact info if you’re interested in getting in touch.

GMCA: Business Fundamentals (formerly miniMBA)

Everyone is welcome to apply, but spots are competitive and priority is set to graduate students completing their degree in the next two years.

We usually do not allow course audits, there are usually space constraints. Also, due to the nature of the course, allowing students who have not paid to sit in through course content creates an unfair environment for students who have paid and are working towards a certificate.  The typical number of classes required to receive a certificate is 85-90% (allowance to miss 1 class), however this is adjusted on a course-by-course basis.

For University of Toronto students, GMCA: Business Fundamentals is typically offered January to March. Information regarding applications and course registration will be sent out to our mailing list. Subscribe here.

Joining the GMCA Canada Executive Team

Our team typically recruits new Executives in the spring/early summer. An open call for applications is sent out to all of our members via e-mail.  Join our mailing list here and stay tuned!

Case Competitions

We encourage you to join our GMCA Members slack channel, here. This is a great place to find other members looking to form a team!

Virtual Events

Zoom links are only provided to participants who register. You will receive this in your official event reminder email.


At this time, we do not provide individual feedback on applications to our programs. If you’d like edits to your resume we encourage you to participate in the next offering of our resume clinic fundraiser. All proceeds go towards a community cause.