Welcome to the GMCA resources page! Here we provide useful links to help you improve your understanding of core consulting skills 

Here, we provide examples, lessons, and tools to help you succeed in case competitions.

We’ve compiled a list of free resources to help you succeed in the case and personal fit interviews.

This section contains tips and recommendations to make the most out of networking

A set of national and international business resources

Case Competitions

BCG | Building a winning slide deck
Kelly School of Business | 1st Place | Macy’s Case Competition
John Molson MBA | Case Competition 2017 Finalists 

CBS Case Competition | Repository of winning case competition slide decks 
John Molson MBA Case Competition | Repository of winning case competition slide decks

USC Marshal Cup Case Competition | Repository of winning case competition slide decks

Carey Business School | A collection of commonly used formulas and frameworks 
Investopedia | A comprehensive database of business terms
My Consulting Offer | An outline of common math problems for consultants, along with the steps to solve them  

Future Learn – Digital Analytics | Evaluate and use social media metrics 
Future Learn – Marketing Analytics | Learn the key metrics and analysis tools used to evaluate social media campaigns 
Future Learn – Mobile Marketing Strategies | Understand the tools used to evaluate online sentiment and trends 
Udemy – Advanced Data Visualization in Excel | Improve insights and communication by designing the right graphic 
Udemy – Dashboards | Build dashboards to quickly and easily display trends and results 
Udemy – Excel Skills | Learn 10 intermediate excel skills to improve your speed and accuracy of data analysis 
Udemy – Pivot Tables | Learn to easily analyze large sets of data with Pivot Table 


The Muse | Tips on navigating networking events 
University of British Columbia | Instructions on how to make the most of networking events 
Scotiabank | Suggestions for making a great impression in coffee chats 
LinkedIn | Questions to ask in coffee chats 
My Consulting Offer | Advice on getting informational interviews 
Management Consulted | Tips for establishing and building a professional network  

Forbes | Tips on maximizing virtual networking events 
Fully Prepped | Quick tips to ensure a smooth coffee chat online 
University of Guelph | Suggestions on how to prepare for and follow up after virtual networking 
Beyond Prof | Advice on conducting virtual informational interviews, including example questions 
Charity Village | A step-by-step process to set up virtual informational interviews

Interview Tips

Management Consulted | Summarizes how to answer to personal fit questions using the STAR method 
My Consulting Offer | Provides helpful tips on how to answer common personal fit questions 
CaseCoach | Communicates general pointers for the fit interview while highlighting uncommon questions

Management Consulted | Outlines the most common types of case interviews 
My Consulting Offer | Explores a range of case types and provides tips on how to approach each type 
PrepLounge | Provides detailed explanations of common types of case interviews with examples 

Research Databases

AB / INFORM Global | International news coverage of business trends 
Bloomberg | International database of  public companies. Includes financial, industry, economic and news information  
Business Source Premier | Academic database covering an array of business topics 
Canada Industry Statistics | National summary of industry trends and financials in Canada, including GDP, productivity, and trade data 
Canadian Financial Performance Data | National resource to view financial data across industries in Canada 
Canadian Research and Business Intelligence | Database of labour trends and business statistics in Canada 
CB Insights | Collection of data and analytics on deals, companies, and investors-acquirers from startups and private companies
Dun & Bradstreet Key Business Ratios | Industry ratio data to benchmark company performance 
eMarketer PRO | Digital media, advertising and e-commerce resources. Includes reports, articles, chartsforecast data for advertising, and key channels 
EMIS Industry and company reports, market research, and analyst reports with coverage for emerging countries and countries outside of North America 
Factiva | Search engine providing reports on companies and markets. Reports include ratio comparisons, company profiles, and financial ratios 
FactSet | Collection of company, financial, economic, and market information, with global coverage of public companies and some coverage of private companies 
Frost & Sullivan | International market and technology research database, with a focus on new market opportunities and disruptive technologies 
Gartner | Enterprise technology information from both a buyer and vendor perspectives. Includes Hype Cycle reports that track adoption or market penetration, Magic Quadrant reports which highlight relative positioning of key vendors, and ‘Market Guides’
IBIS World | Reports and expert summaries (Canada, USA, and global) on both large and niche industries 
Investext | A database of investment research and other company and industry reports 
Market Research Academic | Market research aggregations from third-party providers 
Mergent Online | Data for 35K public companies summarized in historical and current reports 
Passport GMID | Global industry analyses, including economic, demographic, and marketing profiles 
Simply Analytics | Maps and reports of business and marketing data sourced from Canadian and US governments and proprietary statistical sources 
Statista | Surveys, industry, and market reports 
US Industries at a Glance | Snapshots of national industry data (US), including workforce, wages, hours, and more 

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