Jenny Rae Bootcamp at McGill

Do you want to switch from academia to business?

Jenny Rae Le Roux is one of the most well-respected professionals in the field of business coaching. During both the 2 hour Bootcamp Lite and the 1 day Interview and Resume Bootcamp, she will introduce you to the foundations of switching out of academia using the example of management consulting.

You will learn:
– the difference between the academic and business-style resume,
– how to answer job interview questions correctly,
– secret recipes for cracking case interview questions which are rapidly gaining in popularity in the business world,
time permitting, Jenny Rae’s hacks for effective networking, crafting a winner elevator pitch, her know-how “hero stories”, and much more!

Event schedule:
2 hour Bootcamp Lite:
Sunday, January 15th, 6-8pm, room 112, 3600 University tickets here
1 day Interview and Resume Bootcamp:
Monday, January 16th, 9am-3pm, room 103, 3600 University tickets here


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