About Us

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What Is The GMCA?

The Graduate Management Consulting Association (GMCA) is a graduate student-governed professional society that strives to support all graduate and post-doctoral trainees interested in pursuing a future career in management consulting.

We offer programs aimed to educate, train, and connect you in all facets of management consulting to empower you to more effectively leverage your graduate training for a smooth transition into any future career.

Educate. You will learn more about the world of business and management consulting through our industry- and firm-specific information sessions, introductory consulting workshops, and Mini-MBA training program.

Train. Our business-oriented learning workshops will help you cultivate strong professional and business skills, as well as a solid business acumen. By taking part in our case competition events you will gain practical industry experience, which will expand your academic training.

Connect. We provide professional networking opportunities to expand your personal and professional networks, and of course, to meet new friends.

Join us today and get more out of your academic experience!

We look forward to meeting you at our next event.

We have developed a comprehensive program to prepare you for a career in management consulting

Career Information Sessions

You’re hearing a lot about management consulting, but you’re not quite sure what it is or where to start. The GMCA hosts several sessions each year to help you get to know the field and introduce you to the ways the GMCA can help.

Organization Information Sessions

Interested in Consulting and want to learn more about key players and their process for application? These sessions are for you. Hosted by the GMCA but organized and executed by consultants and their respective firms, these sessions offer face time with a variety of consulting firms and gives you the opportunity to network.

Beginner’s Case Competition

You’re hooked on the world of consulting and now, you need to prepare. Case competitions seems a little daunting at this point, but you know you need to dive in. It is for this reason that the GMCA has created the Beginners’ Case Competition. Get introduced into this competitive world while competing against other individuals at the same stage. Go through the steps while gaining constructive criticism from seasoned competitors and leave ready to tackle the next competition.


In 5 short weeks, learn all of the MBA lessons from industry professionals. Each class is one hour of lecture and one hour of hands on activities. Conclude the class with a case competition to put into action all of the lessons that you learned throughout. A must for all future first years.

Annual Management Consulting Conference

Join us each spring for our week-long consulting conference. Learn about consulting from industry professionals, gain insight into a killer resume from distinguished recruiters and compete for the championship title in the Case Competition.

Master the Case Interview Series (MCIS)

The MCIS is a program that runs twice weekly for several weeks, to teach prospective first years about the case interview process. Learn from consultants about the inner workings of the case interview.

Networking Nights

Join the GMCA’s networking nights to meet peers, recent graduates and, most importantly, Consultants. Networking is a key skill for any career. Let the GMCA help you refine your networking skills and put you in front of consultants and recruiters from a variety of consulting firms.